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If bible-based study has been a core pillar of your education throughout childhood and adolescence, there’s a good chance you may be looking to pursue it further after graduation. Fortunately, Indianapolis, IN, is home to some highly renowned colleges for theology.

Crossroads Bible College | Connect on Facebook

If you were raised in a Christian household, then you were raised to exercise the basic tenets of community service. However, a school such as Crossroads Bible College is where you’ll learn to hone these tenets and become a true community leader.

This gospel-centered training focuses mainly on urban leadership. Our world is diverse, and in order to serve properly, you’ll need a more diverse mindset.

Christian Theological Seminary | Connect on Facebook

A rigorous education means you’ll be hitting the books hard and often. In this case, we’re talking about The Good Book, and all things pertaining to it.

However, Christian Theological Seminary also bases their curriculum heavily around discussion and open dialogues. In order to seek the truth, you need to seek out diverse conversation.

CTS offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. So, you can take your education as far as you’d like!

Indiana Bible College | Connect on Facebook

Indiana Bible College doesn’t just draw students from all over the state. It draws them from all over the world. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s been endorsed by United Pentecostal Church International.

While those with a secular education are welcome, the focus of IBC is completely on bible-based professions. Ministers, preachers, missionaries, and more are all cultivated here.

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If you’re looking to cement your dedication to the gospel you hold dear, these three Indianapolis, IN, area theological colleges present an amazing opportunity. Contact them today to learn more about their courses and campuses!

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