Take a Bite Out of the Best Sandwich Shops near Fishers IN

October 3rd, 2018 by

When you’re craving something for lunch that offers a delicious mix of meat and veggies, crunch and softness, tangy and savory, is there anything better than a delicious sandwich? Nothing can satisfy every craving quite the way that first bite can, right? Here are some of the top sandwich shops in the Fishers area, so you can feed your sandwich habit.


Whether your sandwich fixation is all about a juicy burger stacked high with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion, or if your tastes run a little more toward the grilled chicken sandwich, you’ll find it at Jaggers. The restaurant philosophy revolves around the freshness of their food and you’ll smell that as soon as you walk through the doors.

Jaggers bakes their buns fresh every single day, they don’t freeze their meats, and their salads are hand made with each and every order. If fresh matters to you, this restaurant offers a great lunch spot no matter what you’re craving. Check them out on Facebook to see what you may want to try!

Pure Eatery

Opened in June 2010 by two experienced members of the service industry, Pure Eatery was opened to be something different and feature fresh, innovative cuisine that would satisfy people and encourage them to explore their taste buds a bit. If you’re craving a sandwich, you could choose the hot turkey and Havarti panini, or a remodel of a classic with the Ahi Tuna Melt.

No matter which sandwich you hit up first on their extensive menu that also features other non-sandwich items, you’ll leave satisfied and you may have even tried something new. In addition to having great food, they focus on local vendors, they recycle what they use, and their food—including their salad dressings—is all fresh. See what they have to offer on Facebook.

Sunrise Café

You definitely have choices when you’re ordering a sandwich from the Sunrise Café. Not only do they have a wide array of sandwiches, but you get to choose from several different bread choices and which side you want (but the waffle fries are the solid choice!). Get classics like the humble grilled cheese with a twist by adding avocado.

With a Reuben on the menu that’s voted one of Indy’s best, that’s probably the best choice if you’re a fan of the messy, but delicious sandwich. They’re open for breakfast, too, if you’re a big fan, but if you can’t make the morning hours, wrap your mouth around their breakfast sandwiches. See their specials and find out more information on Facebook!


Fill your belly during your lunch hour at any one of the top three places to sink your teeth into a delicious sandwich in the Fishers area. You won’t be sorry…or hungry!

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