College Graduate Car Deals

Toyota College Graduate Program

College Graduate Car Deals

If you've obtained a degree within the last two years or will graduate within the next six months, you may qualify for the Toyota College Graduate Finance Program, which features a $750 rebate toward the purchase or lease of select new Toyotas through your Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services (TFS)

Ford College Graduate Program

College Graduate Car Program

We know tuition and books are expensive. That's why we developed the College Student Purchase Program. College students and recent graduates are eligible for a $500 incentive, plus great rates through Ford Credit when you purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle.

Kia College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Kia Grad Program

As a recent college graduate, you've earned our highest praise, along with a valuable incentive for you to get into a new Kia. Qualified students are eligible for a $400 incentive. Pick a new 2015 or 2016 model year Kia that's right for you, and then go do some driving. Take off for the coast. Go on job interviews. Heck, visit your old college roommate. When you're driving a Kia, your options are as wide open as the road.

Honda College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Honda Grad Program

Honda Financial Services (HFS) wants to celebrate that it's your time with the College Graduate Program. Qualified upcoming and recent college grads can save $500 on any 2015 or newer Honda vehicle when they finance or lease with HFS.

Buick/GMC College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Buick GMC Grad Program

College students (from any two-or four-year school), recent graduates who have graduated no more than two years ago, and current nursing school and graduate students. Take advantage of outstanding program benefits, including exclusive pricing on eligible, new vehicles. Well qualified buyers make no payments for 90 days with the GM college discount and GM Financial.

Chevy College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Chevy Grad Program

Every dollar counts. That's why we established the Chevy College Discount Program. It entitles eligible college students, grad students and recent grads to below-MSRP prices on eligible, new Chevrolet vehicles. So you have extra cash for more important things – like dollar taco night.

Hyundai College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Hyundai Grad Program

As you move ahead and gear up for what's next, we're here to help with a $400 bonus toward the lease or purchase of a brand new Hyundai. So book your appointments. Go on your job interviews. Take your power lunches. With the right moves, you've got a Hyundai that will get you there.

Nissan College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Nissan Grad Program

With the Nissan College Grad Program, we've made it possible for you to save like a finance major (you're feeling better about dropping Econ 101 already, aren't you?). Our program is quick and easy. If you've graduated within the past two years from an accredited US university or are enrolled in graduated school, you qualify. There is no need to strike a bargain; you are guaranteed to pay less dealer cost with the pre-determined pricing. You even have the option to choose 90-day deferred payment.

Volkswagen College Graduate Program

Andy Mohr Volkswagen Grad Program

We think graduating college is an achievement worth rewarding. That's why we created our College Graduate Program. It's designed to help you buy or lease a new Volkswagen, so you can have even more to celebrate. The Volkswagen College Graduate Program offers a $500 Contract Bonus for qualified college graduates who lease or purchase a new, unused Volkswagen vehicle through Volkswagen Credit.