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Used Car Maintenance Guide

Now that you’ve purchased your pre-owned vehicle, you’re probably wondering how you should be caring for it here in the Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield areas. And the answer to that question is simple: with regular routine maintenance and repair.

Andy Mohr Used Vehicles is more than happy to perform all the necessary maintenance. However, for you to schedule the correct appointment, you’ll still need to know the fundamentals. In this Used Car Maintenance Guide eBook, we’ll teach you:

  • All the items that should be checked regularly.
  • Recommended service intervals for the common maintenance items.
  • The many benefits of staying up to date on vehicle maintenance.

Maintenance itself isn’t hard if you leave it to the professionals. You just have to know the basics, which is exactly what you’ll learn by downloading this FREE eBook. Fill out the form on this page today to learn more!

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