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Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs for Avon IN

Around Avon, IN, independent sellers are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to have a car for sale, but few have as much automotive knowledge and experience as we do at Andy Mohr Automotive. When you buy used with us, what you’re getting is something like-new.

To see for yourself, come take a look at our  used vehicle selection. We have a wide range of vehicles—big cars and small cars, some over a decade old, others still relatively new. Whatever it is that you might be looking for, we can almost certainly match it.

If you’d like to learn more, just hop on over to our inventory page now. We make sure that all our vehicles are listed online so that you have the choice to find what you’re looking for without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Service Centers

With the quality of our Avon area used cars, yours is bound to run at peak condition for some time to come. However, without the proper care, you’ll start to receive diminishing returns. used car buying expert

When it comes to cars, it’s the little things that really seem to add up and make all the difference. Staying up to date on oil changes, keeping up with the alignment, rotating the tires – the more diligent you are with these items, the more years you’re going to get out of your car.

As soon as a light comes on in your vehicle or something starts to sound or feel off, be sure to contact the technicians at our used car dealership. We’ll have your car back in top condition in no time at all.

Used Car Financing

We have a relationship with a variety of banks and loaners, and strive for a 100% approval rate at our used car dealerships. We offer special financing programs for those who have credit concerns,  or no credit whatsoever. Speak to one of our knowledgeable finance members to see how you can get approved on your next used vehicle. On our website we offer many tools to help push you down the funnel towards approval. Our online finance application is secure- so  you don’t have to worry about submitting your personal information online!

About Avon, IN

Hendricks County has always been made up of charming, small towns. However, in recent years, each has seen quite a bit of growth. Avon is the perfect example, having added roughly 4,500 residents in the past six years alone.

There’s a good reason why newcomers keep arriving. For one thing, the scenery is pretty hard to beat around Avon. With great outdoor attractions like the Washington Township Park, or even the famed Haunted Bridge, nature lovers just seem to love it here.

As for indoor attractions? Well, there’s plenty of those, too, with many being perfect for families. Monster Mini Golf, an indoor, glow-in-the-dark course with music and arcade games, will keep the kids entertained and make adults feel young again.

If you’re looking for your next ride around town, Andy Mohr Automotive has you covered.

Find a Used Car Dealership in Avon, IN

With so much going on in the Avon area, you certainly don’t want to be left without transportation for any stretch of time. Fortunately, Andy Mohr Automotive has just the fix that you need. We carry some of the highest quality used cars in all of Avon, IN—and with a huge variety, too. Visit us today to learn more!