What to Bring to a Dealership When Buying a Used Car

Congratulations! The time has come for you to head out to your local pre-owned car dealership from the Indianapolis, Plainfield, or Bloomington areas. Whether you’ve found the car you’ve always wanted or if you’re still looking for the right model, you’re upgrading your vehicle and that’s worthy of celebration.

At Andy Mohr Automotive, we have dozens of models from which you’ll be able to choose your next vehicle. If you’ve already taken a look at our inventory online and filled out our finance application, then you’re well on your way to purchasing your used model from us. However, we urge you to remember some additional items that will be necessary for your purchase.

Necessary Items

what to bring to buy a carThe following items will be needed in order to complete your purchase of your pre-owned vehicle from us. While not every dealership will require all these documents, preparation is key, so we recommend everyone bring the following items with them during their trip to the dealership.

  1. Your Driver’s License – While you can certainly use your state identification card or other form of identification to confirm who you are, we’ll need to see a valid driver’s license before you take the vehicle for a test drive or register the vehicle with the state.
  2. Current Insurance Cards/Declaration Page – If you plan to finance your vehicle, it’s likely that you’ll be fully covering the vehicle with your insurance company. As a result, we’ll need to know that you have a current insurance policy for your existing vehicle.
  3. Current Car Documents – If your current vehicle is paid for, we’ll need to see the title in your name or you’ll need to be accompanied by the person whose name is on that title. If you’re trading your vehicle to us, you’ll need to be able to sign it over to us, and the title is required for such a transaction. We’ll also need a copy of your current registration. We may be able to transfer your tags to your new vehicle, but we’ll need your current registration in order to do so.
  4. Proof of Income – Two paystubs should be adequate proof of your income, which we’ll need to secure the final terms of your financing. Whether we’ve already processed your application or we’re doing so with you on site, we’ll need to verify that you have the means by which to repay your loan, i.e. income.
  5. Proof of Residence – For this requirement, a utility bill should do the trick. We just need to know that your address is officially recorded as such. We’ll also need it for comparison to your credit report while securing financing.

We’ll See You Soon

We know you’re excited about your purchase, which is one of the reasons we’ve created this list to remind you of what to bring with you from the Indianapolis, Plainfield, and Bloomington areas. At Andy Mohr Automotive, we’re excited to meet you and assist you in taking this step in your life. Gather everything you need and we’ll see you soon.