Why Buy Certified Pre Owned?

Learn What Sets Certified Pre-Owned Cars Apart with This FREE eBook

In the Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield areas, a used car is a great choice. However, do you know the specific differences between buying used and buying certified pre-owned (CPO)?

Whereas some drivers might believe that these two labels are interchangeable, there’s actually a huge difference between them. The Andy Mohr Automotive team has put together this FREE Why Buy Certified? eBook to show you exactly what it is. In this resource, you’ll learn:

  • How CPO differs from used
  • How to choose the right CPO dealership
  • What to look for when buying your CPO car

Buying CPO is bound to grant you plenty of great benefits, chief among them being your peace of mind! To learn more about buying CPO, download this Why Buy Certified? eBook today simply by filling out the form on the the page. Your eBook will download instantly once you have submitted the form. Happy reading!

Learn What Sets Certified Pre-Owned Cars Apart Free eBook

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